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Iron Oxides for Magnetic and Data Recording Applications

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CathayMag iron oxides offer a variety of synthetic iron oxides for use in magnetic and data recording applications. Our line of acicular magetites are used in MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), lithographic inks and high quality toners. We also offer non-acicular magnetites specifically designed for magnetic toner applications. Cathay's gamma ferric oxides were developed using a unique lepidocrocite technology and exhibit outstanding magnetic properties. They are widely used in audio and data recording industries as well as in specialty colored toners, inks, transfer ribbons and ticket striping. Each product complies with RoHS regulations.

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Item #

Item Name

Shape and Color


Average Particle Size (µ)

Avg. Particle Length (µ)

Specific Surface Area (m^2/g)

Hc, Coercivity (Oe, VSM)

SigmaM Specific Magnetization (emu/g)

SigmaR Remanent Magnetization (emu/g)


Oil Absorption (ml/100g)

84BA33 CathayMag BA-33 Black N/A .22 µ n/d µ 4.5 m²/g 90 Oe 87 emu/g 9.5 emu/g 6.5 20 ml/100g
941103 CathayMag MO-1103 Non-Acicular, Black N/A .22 µ n/d µ 5.0 m²/g 100 Oe 87 emu/g 9.5 emu/g 7.0 22 ml/100g
932218 CathayMag MO-2218 Acicular, Brown MO2218
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n/d µ .40 µ 26.5 m²/g 340 Oe 76 emu/g 31 emu/g 4.2 52 ml/100g
932228 CathayMag MO-2228 Acicular, Brown MO2228
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n/d µ .40 µ 25.0 m²/g 320 Oe 74 emu/g 30.1 emu/g 4.2 47 ml/100g
924232 CathayMag MO-4232 Acicular, Black MO4232
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n/d µ .45 µ 11.5 m²/g 310 Oe 87 emu/g 32 emu/g 5.1 47 ml/100g
924238 CathayMag MO-4238 Acicular, Black MO4238
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n/d µ .40 µ 18.0 m²/g 350 Oe 85 emu/g 31 emu/g 5.3 48 ml/100g
924431 CathayMag MO-4431 Acicular, Black N/A n/d µ .45 µ 9.0 m²/g 300 Oe 85 emu/g 31 emu/g 5.5 33 ml/100g
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