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Item # 84YA21E, CathayCoat YA-21E

Micronized "A" Grades, Excellent Dispersing Properties Lessening and Potentially Eliminating Milling Time


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Cathay metal oxide pigments are extremely versatile and a highly effective method of adding vibrant color to a wide range of products including pigment paste, industrial coating, powder coating, wood lacquer, automotive and marine paint, architectural paints and plastics. Cathay colors are lightfast, color consistent, UV stable, weather resistant, alkali and mild acid resistant, insoluble in water, synthetic and have excellent dispersibility.

CathayCoat is divided into four subcategories, and not the special pigments (ferrites, chrome green oxides, & umbers)

Low Viscosity Yellow

CATHAYCOAT™ "LV" grade is a unique yellow iron oxide pigment that provides extra-low viscosity in the final dispersion, even at the highest pigment loading.

Micronized A Grades

CATHAYCOAT™ Micronized A-grade iron oxides are high-quality pigments tailor-made for top coatings that have premium requirements. With its extra well dispersing properties, it can be used directly for high-speed dispersing without further milling. Therefore it saves time, energy and labor during the production of paints, dispersions and other final products.

Standard Grades

CATHAYCOAT™ S-grade iron oxides are a range of high-quality pigments with attractive prices for paints, plastics, paper and dispersions. Extra milling or dispersant additives can be added to customize and improve the final product.

Economical Grades

CATHAYCOAT™ C-grade iron oxide is an economical pigment range for coating applications. With our custom specification manufacturing and our advanced, environmentally safe production, this range of iron oxide products provides another choice for excellent cost-performance ratio.

Primer Grades

Primer-grade iron oxides are a range of red pigments that provide high hiding power, easy dispersion and high tinting strength for primer paint applications. CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a full range of colors to the construction industry for asphalt, cement, tiles and other materials. Our construction grades are clustered into five series: 

We are committed to growth and look forward to a continued success in this important market.


Umbers: CATHAY offers raw and burnt umber and sienna pigments of uncompromising quality. These pigments have semi-transparent properties making them ideal for use in wood and furniture stains. 

Raw Umbers

Raw Umber is excellent brown pigments and popular in the stain industry due to their semi-transparency. Though they are not heat stable, UR81 can be used to produce many warm gray tones. It is also used extensively by the colorant houses to darken a color without seriously affecting its chromaticity.

Burnt Umbers

Burnt Umbers offer the best value in brown pigments. These materials are in high demand in the stain industry because of their semi-transparency. Burnt Umbers have a reddish undertone and exhibit good heat stability.

Chrome Oxides

Chrome Oxide Green pigments from CATHAY INDUSTRIES are a range of high-quality inorganic green pigments. They are produced to strict quality standard and offer reliable performance, including:

- outstanding light-fastness
- high opacity
- excellent chemical resistance
- exterior durability

From the micronized and standard grades to the construction grades, CATHAY INDUSTRIES provides a full range of Chrome Oxide Green pigments for different industries with diverse requirements.

Chrome Oxide Green pigments must not be confused with the potentially toxic “Chrome Green,” which is a blend of chrome yellow and iron blue that CATHAY INDUSTRIES does not produce.

Micronized "A" Grades, Excellent Dispersing Properties Lessening and Potentially Eliminating Milling Time



C.I. Generic Name

Yellow 42


Yellow Powder

Tinting Strength


Chemical Composition


Purity (%)1


Density (g/cm^3)

4.1 g/cm³



Particle Shape, Electron Micrograph




Water Content (wt. %)


Water Soluble Salts (wt. %)


Sieve Residue on a 325 Mesh (%)


Oil Absorption (g/100g)

28-40 g/100g
1 As Fe2O3, Fe2O4 or Cr2O3.


· Wood-Coatings


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