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CathayPure High Purity Iron Oxide Pigments


CATHAYPURE™ is the series of high-purity iron oxide pigments with extremely low heavy metal content. CATHAYPURE™ is tailor-made for high-purity applications such as cosmetics, medicines and food packaging. In order to respond to different purity requirements, CATHAYPURE™ is differentiated into two series, "E" and "Z" grades.


CATHAYPURE™ E-grade iron oxides are offered for pet food and general food packaging. E grades conforms with the requirements of EC food legislation (EC-Directive 95/45/EEC), E172, as well as American FDA regulations (title 21 section 73).


CATHAYPURE™ Z-grade iron oxides are produced through a specialized manufacturing process, which makes them perfect for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies that require the highest purity of all iron oxide pigment applications. CATHAYPURE Z-grade products surpass all governmental requirements throughout the world.

View E172 and FDA Heavy Metal tolerances versus CathayPure specifications on the Color Cards & Product Literature Tab to the left.

Iron Oxides for Magnetic and Data Recording

CathayMag Iron Oxides for Magnetic and Data Recording Applications

CathayMag iron oxides offer a variety of synthetic iron oxides for use in magnetic and data recording applications. Our line of acicular magetites are used in MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), lithographic inks and high quality toners. We also offer non-acicular magnetites specifically designed for magnetic toner applications. Cathay's gamma ferric oxides were developed using a unique lepidocrocite technology and exhibit outstanding magnetic properties. They are widely used in audio and data recording industries as well as in specialty colored toners, inks, transfer ribbons and ticket striping. Each product complies with RoHS regulations.


CathayCoat Coatings Grade Iron Oxide Pigments

Cathay metal oxide pigments are extremely versatile and a highly effective method of adding vibrant color to a wide range of products including pigment paste, industrial coating, powder coating, wood lacquer, automotive and marine paint, architectural paints and plastics. Cathay colors are lightfast, color consistent, UV stable, weather resistant, alkali and mild acid resistant, insoluble in water, synthetic and have excellent dispersibility.

Ferrotint Grade

Construction Grade Iron Oxide Pigments

Cathay metal oxide pigments are a versatile and effective method of adding vibrant color to a wide range of cementitious products including ready mix, architectural block, retaining wall, concrete paving stones, manufactured stone, stucco, mortar, and concrete roof tiles.

As one of the market leaders in the field of iron oxide technology, Cathay Industries USA offers a broad and diverse variety of pigment colors and forms. Pre-blended powder pigments are available in bulk and batch sized packaging. High solids Optisperse liquid, flowable Ferrotint powder, and low dust CathayGran granular are available for use in automated pigment dispensing systems.

Competitive pigments can be quickly matched by Cathays technical service lab and custom offsets are available in powder, liquid, or granular form.


Titanium Dioxide

Asphalt Pigment

Asphalt Color Masterbatch Pigment System

The FERROTINT Asphalt Masterbatch is a unique Color Pigment system from the Cathay Pigments Group that has been specifically developed for the Color Asphalt market

The product incorporates the Cathay Pigment Group's premium quality Inorganic Pigments within a unique carrier system. This offers high quality consistent Coloration of the Asphalt as well as a diverse range of benefits to the Asphalt during production, laying and service.