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Item # 81028L, Ferrotint F28L


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Specifications · Advantages





Cobalt Blue Powder

Package Type


Shipping Weight

50/2000 Pound

Chemical Constituent, Fe2O3

CoCrAl Spinel

Specific Gravity (g/cm^3)

4.6 g/cm^3

Sieve Residue,% Retained on a 53 Micron Mesh


Max. Moisture


Water Soluble Matter


Tapped Density (g/cm^3)

0.50 g/cm³

Oil Absorption (g/100g)

17.2 g/100g


Versatile Applications
Ferrotint metal oxide pigments are extremely versatile. The range gives you a highly effective way to add vibrant colour to a wide range of products including, concrete roof tiles, ready mixed concrete, pavers, wall tiles and bricks as well as asphalt for paths and driveways.

Superior Quality & Performance
Cathay Pigments use only the finest quality materials and most advanced manufacturing processes to produce the ferrotint range of metal oxide pigments.
As one of the market leaders our products deliver superior uniformity in colour strength and lightfastness proven quality procedures ensure that each batch of ferrotint matches perfectly for accurate colour consistency the result is an end product that is able to meet the challenges of all of our customers.
As each of Cathay Pigments manufacturing sites, testing, laboratories with advanced colour measuring equipment ensure that each batch meets the customers exact requirements and highest international standards.
Batch identification codes are used to provide accurate traceability through our quality management system.
Cathay Pigments works closely with our customers, always looking forward, planning and exploring new applications for our products.

Adaptable Packaging
  • Water degradable paper and plastic bags for batched and pre-mixed concrete applications
  • Low melt plastic bags for bituminous and asphalt applications
  • Bulk bags for handling large volumes

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